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about this journal.

Basically, my blog, my rules - fair enough, I think. In this case, "my rules" are fairly simple - feel free to respectfully disagree with me, though the key-word here is "respectfully;" a genuine inquiry into why I think/feel a certain way is wonderful and welcome, but berating or degreding me for feeling/thinking a certain way is not. Please extend the same respect to my commenters, and don't start flame wars in my comments section. That being said, I don't go out of my way to post controversial topics (though they may arise), nor am I particularly political on this blog, so my posts shouldn't inspire much vitrol to begin with. If they occassionally do, however, please channel it positively. I have a very "live and let live" kind of philosophy, and welcome folks from all walks of life, though the three things I can never abide on my blog (or Friend's Page, for that matter) is any form of racism, sexism (including "feminist bashing;" I'm cool if you don't agree with certain branches/ideaologies/etc., that's fine (we aren't a homogenous group!), but attitudes like "all feminists are manhaters/lesbians/etc." are unacceptable), or homophobia (including slurs against anyone on the GLBTQIA spectrum). Very simple, very clear cut. If you want to Friend me, please feel free to, but please also drop a line so a.) I know you're an actual person, not just a serial-adding bot, and b.) I know what's interested you about my blog. I will, in general, add back if you seem like someone who shares some common interests.

about my fandoms.

I am a fangirl. I make no attempt to hide it. I don't post extensively about fandom unless there's a big event or a con coming up (and those are pretty few and far between, because they are pricey and I work in academia), but my "Fandom Friday" posts are one of my few "thematic" posts that goes up regularly. Most of my more... entusiastic fandom rambling can be found at my Tumblr (the URL for which I'll gladly message my friends upon request). However, for those looking for fellow fans, or wondering what kind of stuff I may post. This is for you. I ship slash almost exclusively. It's totally cool if you don't, but don't berate me for doing so.

current, recurring, and past fandoms and pairings.

Harry Potter: Harry/Snape, Harry/Voldemort, Sirius/Remus; Avengers (movie!verse): Steve/Bruce, Thor/Loki; Doctor Who: Doctor/Master, Elven/Amy/Rory; Sherlock: Sherlock/John; Merlin: Arthur/Merlin; House: House/Wilson, House/Chase, Chase/Foreman, Foreman/Taub; The IT Crowd: Moss/Roy; Community: Troy/Abed, Jeff/Abed; Myth Adventures: Aahz/Skeeve; Arrested Development: Michael/GOB; Psych: Shawn/Lassiter, Shawn/Gus; Star Trek (TNG): Picard/Q, Data/Geordi; Discworld: Vimes/Vetinari; Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Norrington, Pintel/Ragetti, Bootstrap/Will; Heroes: Sylar/Peter, Nathan/Peter; Supernatural: Sam/Dean; Dean/Castiel RPS: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost, Jude Law/Robert Downey Jr.

NOTE: There are some things I love to read that may not sit well with you, and that's cool. If I post fic I write, or (more likely) rec fic, I will always, always warn for questionable or potentially sensitive material.
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