Sep. 20th, 2012

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The Babydolls recently sent out an e-mail detailing a Student Recital -- all present and past Babydoll students are welcome to come and perform. Trouble is, it's in November (like, right in the middle of November), and between all the shit going on in October, plus the fact that November is NaNoWriMo, another huge time-sink of a creative endeavor, there is basically no way I could prepare an act by then.

However, there's also the all-night, over-night burlesque show they do in December, which wlso welcomes B.A.B.E. students, and during which a number of newcomers make their debut performances.

I'm absolutely fuck terrified, but I kind of want to do this.

You all know the two songs I've been considering -- my reservations regarding each are mostly about length, specifically that "Fingertips" is too long (a bit over 4 min.) and "O Death" is too short (2 mins., just). Having specifically talked with Evie regarding "ideal" length for a performance, I know 4 minutes isn't exceptionally long, though she did make it a point to say that people's attention spans are shrinking, and to keep that in mind while choosing music. At the moment, I'm leanign toward "O Death," particularly as a first performance piece, but if anyone wants to give their opinion, I am open to it.

Also, whent he time comes, if anyone is in the Boston area and wants to watch my humiliate myself while half-naked, please feel free to pop by and point and laugh (or say hi, or whatev).

((OMG, I feel like I'm basically never on here unless I "need" to make a post. I will seriously try to catch up this weekend. This is the last free weekend I have until November, so I sort of have to make the most of it, in terms of catching up on... well, everything.))


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