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Sep. 1st, 2012 10:17 pm
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I've been feeling very lethaaaaargic and just "meh" lately, which isn't to say I've been feeling bad or down, per se, just not much in the blogging mood. Like, I haven't even been reblogging on Tumblr, and I usually do that like it's my motherfuckin' job or something.

Just a few notes:


1. I had my last class with the Babydolls on Thursday. I will be taking more classes with them, continuing with the burlesque education, but not this fall -- possibly in the winter or spring. The final class was boa work, removing a bra, and tassle-twirling. Frankly, there's really no way to twirl tassles without looking silly -- it's either jumping up and down and just letting everything bounce, or putting both arms straight up in the air, fingers pointed like guns, and shoulder-shimmying. Both ways are super fun and work, don't get me wrong, but silly as shit. It's one of those moves that strikes me very much as a classic burlesque move, and while I love, love, love watching classic burlesque (which is a lot of what the Babydolls do), it's not the kind of thing I see myself doing. I've been listening to my chosen music a lot lately, because my iPod's favorite setting is Infinite Repeat (1), and have been doing a lot of visualization as to what my performance would look like, from moves, to transitions, to strips and even costuming. It's classy, but not the strict kind of classic burlesque that seems suited to those kinds of maneuvers, and the latest song I've been thinking of performing too deviates even further from those routes -- "O Death," by Jen Titus.

I've been envisioning this one as well, but sadl, in the stage I'm at with it at the moment, it works best (in my mind) as a two person piece, and I don't know anyone else willing to practice this/perform this with me. Anyway, yeah -- tassle-twirling is easy-peasy, though not something I can see doing in any act I'd put together -- not to mention that even having gone from a double-D to a B, my breasts are still heavy enough that that kind of vigorous bouncing is kind of uncomfortable -- Evie (our instructor) has cute little A-cups, so it's not such a big deal for her, but it get's uncomfortable real fast if you're bigger. Also, removing pasties is uncomfortable, and the adhesive is kind of a bitch.

The Feast:

2. I went to The Feast of the Three Saints last night with my brother, Ryan, and Amanda. It's sad how every year the space the festivities occupy gets smaller and smaller... There was a time when it took up two blocks and the Common, and now it's a block at best, and no one comes to perform on the Common any more (we used to have a lot of old timers, older Italian singers and just older performers: the last few years before they stopped, I saw Frankie Valle, BJ Thomas, and Connie Francis). They had Beatle Juice performing on the St. Alfio stage last night, outside Holy Rosary, and they weren't bad, even though we didn't stay for too much of their set. I generally go to hang out in a festive atmosphere with my brother and friends -- stuff like the carnival games and even the majority of food has gotten, over the last few years, too damn expensive (and I've been burdened with more and more "real life" expenses). Last night I got two slices of Tripoli's pizza ($3.50, not bad) and an ice cream cone (fucking $6.00, are you fucking kidding?? But then, I should have fucking asked before I ordered. Still, what the shit. And that's common. That's, like, typical).

One of the upsides was running into Lance, who, despite having a Facebook, updates it so infrequently as for it to be all but meaningless for him to even have one. I know I've mentioned Lance here before, but as a quick recap, he's a friend who dates back to my brother's grade school days (he, like Rob and Andy both, is four years my junior), was out of the picture all through his high school years, and resurfaced shortly thereafter had a stint -- a pretty long stint -- of time where he practically lived with us, then had long stretches of time when we'd hear jackshit from him, and then he'd suddenly turn up again, seemingly out of nowhere. There was a rough patch of time, which was rough for reasons I don't feel comfortable going into at this juncture, about a year or two ago when he joined the military and was sent away to boot camp and communication basically fucking STOPPED. And for a while now, we had no idea where he was -- here (MA), Georgia (where base was), anywhere in between (they kept shipping him all over). Well, last night, he said he'd been trying to text me the last few days, but wasn't sure if I'd gotten them, because his carrier has been weird (I believe him, because my carrier did they EXACT same thing last year, where my texts were just sporadically never send or never arrive). He's living in Worcester now, which isn't exactly close, but it's closer than fucking Mansfield and Hopkinton, which were the two places he had been living before. He's living with a friend named Arianna that he apparently thought we might know (shrug) and dating a girl who, um, he introduced us to, but whose name already escapes me. She's a student at Brandeis, though, that I remember. He's going to be at the Corpus Christi Parish tonight and tomorrow night doing face-painting, so after we get back from Camelot tomorrow, we might swing by to see him.

The End of Summer:

3. I love the fall. Like, I really do. And I'm kind of excited about the school year, only because it kind of feels like a blank slates, which means a genuine opportunity for a crapload of awesome stuff (it also means chances that a crapload of utter shit will happen as well, but let's try to stay positive). But everything going on this fall -- I've got the 5k to run, my sister's bachelorette, my sister's wedding, Halloween, Wrathskellar, GISHWHES, Thanksgiving, apple-picking, registering for Anime Boston, registering for MJ -- like, I'm psyched. Seriously. But I kind of feel like I've wasted summer as a season -- today, TODAY, I finally went to the beach for the second time this summer. I live in freaking Massachusetts, people. I'm in a coastal state. I'm 35 minutes from the ocean. I have no excuse. So we went today for a few hours -- oh my GOD. I was sure that one of two things would happen -- the holiday weekend would mean that it would be overcrowded and parking costs would be sky high and it would be awful, or the sudden change over to September would mean it was freaking freezing and the place would be dead and awkward and sad. But actually? The weather was beautiful -- like, nice enough that I spent quite a while in the water -- all day parking was $5, and the beach was full but not crowded, and the rides both in and out were smooth and painless. Argh, such a gorgeous beach day. Between today and yesterday though, man, when I get back to the gym on Tuesday (we'll be out all day tomorrow and the gym is closed Labor Day), I will need it. But fuck it, it's my last hurrah, man, I'm going to enjoy it while I can.


4. I was contacted by a member of a team who wanted to recruit me, so we back-and-forthed messaged a bit, but two days later and I still haven't heard; meanwhile, her team leader has been reblogging a list of people on the team, and yeah... my name isn't on there. Now, the team members were all significantly younger than me (between 17 and college upper-classmen), so maybe they didn't want someone so much older than them, and they were all from the Southern US, so I don't necessarily regret if I don't make their team (having an international team gives you a BIG advantage), but I'd like to know so I can either 1. find another team on Tumblr, 2. recruit enough people to build my own team, or 3. prep myself for solo registration and being assigned to a team.

Also, I found last year's list of "items." It's like something borne out of a fever dream. So fucking bizzare. But I'm psyched. Oh, and holy shit, the prize?? We'd be flown out to Scotland to have a ghost hunt and slumber party at a haunted castle with our teammates and Misha. WTF. Absolutely every aspect of that appeals to me hardcore (my brother and I were fangirl/boying -- we wonder if it's Leap Castle?? That place is supposed to be ridiculously haunted). Super pumped.

PS: Oooh, I also meant to mention, still a little threadbare, but this is my new fandom merch store front. Buying from here, if you are likwise a fan of any of my fandoms, would be awesomesauce, thanks.

Date: 2012-09-02 09:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Omg! Ghost hunters *squee* love that show. I remember that ep where they went to leap castle, i think that was a goodun wasn't it

Date: 2012-09-02 01:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's a beautiful song! Is there a way that you can film yourself doing any of these moves in private and then watch how you look doing it? You may be surprised at how good - not silly - you look. That's what I did when I first got my pole at home.

Date: 2012-09-02 05:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Leap Castle ep. Was by and far one of my favorites. But now I'm trying to remember if Leap is Scotland or Ireland?? Either way, a sleepover ghost hunt in a haunted castle is pretty freaking awesome.

Date: 2012-09-02 05:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have a Flip camera and plan on doing just that... it's not that I feel self-concious about tassle twirling or that I feel like its a bad move, I just feel like its a move that doesn't fit in the atmosphere either of my chosen songs are inteded to convey :)

Date: 2012-09-08 04:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your class sounded like so much fun! Good to hear you're going to continue them. And that is a cool song.

The Feast was smaller this year. I agree. I also noticed on Sunday the concert ended much earlier than usual, and almost every family (mine included) left at 9 or earlier. I had a good time, but it was rather short lived compared to other years.

Lance was there?! I didn't go to the Parish this year because I assumed he wasn't there. He disappeared off the internet for a few months as you've said, so I had no reason to think he would be there. Oh, well.

Whatever that scavenger hunt is you and Rob are doing sounds intriguing. Good luck!


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