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It's Sunday night, and I'm trying to write.

And by "trying to write," I mean "watching season four of The Simpsons and polishing off my second glass of moscato with Evernote open in a neglected tag on Google Chrome."

I did laundry today, and picked up a bit. Made four more charms, and FINALLY got all my original cupcake charms painted (still have five new ones to paint, once they dry). Did my nails (Sally Hansen's "Coral Reef," with two coats of Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in "Razzle Dazzler") and made homemade baked macaroni-and-cheese for dinner.

And now I'm trying to write.

I'd be lying if I said I was being ~productive, but I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't getting anything done. I have lots of notes, which were blank documents two days ago. I have a few lines (and in one case, a few paragraphs) written for my three active projects. I do keep returning to them and pecking out a few lines here and there. I just can't seem to focus on any one piece for longer than a few minutes. I'm not pushing it too hard tonight, because I have to go to work tomorrow, but there is literally nothing for me to do. I'm basically going in in case someone needs... something, I don't know. A scribe, a sub. Whatever. Tomorrow is technically still an exam day, so they can't schedule meetings or assemblies, but my kids has no exams and I'm a one-on-one, so there is really nothing for me to do. I just don't want to waste a sick day, or I'd totally call in. As it is, it gets me out of the house, ensures I can't boredom binge, and forces me into a situation where writing is really the only thing left to do (I really don't feel all that comfortable doing a whole lot of websurfing on my work network, even on my own laptop). Still, it's be nice to get something else done tonight.

I've been community surfing. I feel like doing something communal and collaborative, something creative and fun with a group of people, but sadly my own social circle IRL really only consists of about five people (I have other, situational specific friends, but my actual core circle is ridiculously small). I considered putting together an LJ community that would be ~private, just people I knew IRL or through various online channels, for, like, writing, or grousing about up being a grownup and shit, or whatever. I want somewhere online that is insular and supportive and collaborative in some way, someplace comfortable where I know all the people and there is a uniform and united purpose. I don't know. I'd like that in real life, too, but I think I can/would settled for it in virtual space.

Communities I Joined Today:

[ profile] add_a_writer
[ profile] spn_hurtcomfort
[ profile] fannish5

Any suggestions? I feel like every interest I search comes up dry when it comes to active communities.

I'm keeping an eye on [ profile] muskratjamboree, because I kind of sort or really want to co-mod a panel this year, but I've never done it and it would have to be something I either feel very strongly about or feel very, very comfortable talking about. So far, there have been a couple of panels proposed that I'd like to be involved with -- fanfic in a post-Fifty Shades of Gray world; Tumblr's effect on fandom; fandom in the age of social media -- but I have to really consider, like... what can I actually contribute? I've only actually been to two cons ever, and I still feel like kind of a newbie. I don't know, has anyone else modded/co-modded a panel and a con before, and if so, like... how did you prep, how did you collaborate, how "rehearsed" were you when you went in...? Any feedback MUCH appreciated, because, man, I REALLY want to do this, but I want to do it WELL.

I don't know what the point of any of this is, except I'm feeling excruciatingly restless tonight.

Date: 2013-02-05 12:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're making progress. That's the most important thing.

And I share your frustration about finding active communities. It seems like a lot of places on LJ are ghost towns now. :[


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