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I have a few things to pimp out today, so forgive me -- no pressure to donate/contribute, but both are for a good cause, so I wanted to get them out there.

The first: This Sunday (May 5th), for the second year, I am participating in the Boston branch of The Walk for Hunger, a 20-mile walk through Boston and neighboring city with the proceeds going to Project Bread, the goal of which is to end hunger in Massachusetts. I started fundraising pretty late this year (and completely ignored online fundraising until a couple of days ago), because I wasn't certain I was doing it, but I managed to raise $125 so far, and every little bit helps. Last year I did all 20 miles in about 7 hours, and I hope to do the same this year. If you can donate anything, that woul be amazing.

The second: I'm a (proud) member of two Boston-based fan groups, Sherlock Boston and The Boston Whovians, and they, along with a bunch of other Boston-based fan groups, have started Fandoms for Boston, an IndieGoGo fundraiser to raise money for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. There are some pretty cool incentives at every level (even $1!), so if you can donate, that'd be awesome. There is SUPPOSED to be a "live" event as well, but the logistics of that, as well as the location, are still being ironed out. If fate works out as we all hope, I will be selling clay charms and maybe some little knitted things in Boston on May 18th, with all proceeds going to One Fund Boston. I'll post more info about the live event as the time draws nearer, should our plans come to fruition.

Blogging post of introspection and junk coming soon xx


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