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I have a few things to pimp out today, so forgive me -- no pressure to donate/contribute, but both are for a good cause, so I wanted to get them out there.

The first: This Sunday (May 5th), for the second year, I am participating in the Boston branch of The Walk for Hunger, a 20-mile walk through Boston and neighboring city with the proceeds going to Project Bread, the goal of which is to end hunger in Massachusetts. I started fundraising pretty late this year (and completely ignored online fundraising until a couple of days ago), because I wasn't certain I was doing it, but I managed to raise $125 so far, and every little bit helps. Last year I did all 20 miles in about 7 hours, and I hope to do the same this year. If you can donate anything, that woul be amazing.

The second: I'm a (proud) member of two Boston-based fan groups, Sherlock Boston and The Boston Whovians, and they, along with a bunch of other Boston-based fan groups, have started Fandoms for Boston, an IndieGoGo fundraiser to raise money for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. There are some pretty cool incentives at every level (even $1!), so if you can donate, that'd be awesome. There is SUPPOSED to be a "live" event as well, but the logistics of that, as well as the location, are still being ironed out. If fate works out as we all hope, I will be selling clay charms and maybe some little knitted things in Boston on May 18th, with all proceeds going to One Fund Boston. I'll post more info about the live event as the time draws nearer, should our plans come to fruition.

Blogging post of introspection and junk coming soon xx
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I got up late (10:30) and took a walk to buy a paper. It's very nearly 50 degrees and sunny out, and even though they were sold out of papers, it was a lovely walk. I put a pot of coffee on before I'd left, and when I came back I filled up my ridiculously huge TARDIS mug and hopped online. I've got a short to-do list today, The Bod of Avon tonight, and the day off tomorrow, and I feel good.

I finally got around to seeing Les Miserables last night, with my mom, Joce, and Melissa. For those of you who don't know, Les Mis is... kind of a big deal to me. And that's kind of a huge understatement. Les Mis is what got me into musical theatre. Les Mis was the first fandom for which I had Real Life fan friends, and Les Mis got my involved in online fandom for real, beyond reading fic -- it got me writing fic, making art, posting on message boards. I met penpals that I kept for years via Les Mis message boards. My cousin, sister, and I recorded (as in, video recorded, on my uncle's camcorder) renditions of the songs, re-enacted scenes, interpretations, long debates of the merits of various cast members (we would set the camera up in the kitchen, sit at the table, and -- over giant mugs of tea -- have these huge meta-debates/discussions over the show. I feel like it was super-late at night, too -- it was definitely after midnight, but at fourteen, that in and of itself felt "super late.") My sister's one and only foray into writing was Les Mis fanfic, and to this day, my longest completed piece of writing is a 35k Les Mis fanfic called "The Skeptic's Account" (still accessible via The WayBack Machine... if you know where to look). My point is, for several year, Les Mis sort of consumed my life, and I cannot see it or hear it now without also seeing and hearing all that tangential ephemera -- without reliving sleepless night and huge mugs of tea; nights spent in the yard sharing a set of headphones with my sister as we listened to "Stars;" endless, ENDLESS rewatching of the 10th Anniversary Concert, analyzing every detail, watching every performers mannerisms, keeping an eye on what they were doing when they were not at the mics (oh my God, I got to know Jérôme Pradon through the TAC as Fish Pants, don't even ask). So, yeah. Kind of a big deal.

Sort of really long movie review-ish thing. )

All in all, I really enjoyed it. and I can't WAIT for the DVD release, so Mel, Joce, and I can analyze every single freakin' detail <3
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A total TL;DR about Wincest )

TL;DR: I ship incestuous pairings; no secret. But how I ship -- these, and any pairings -- differs and depends on any number of factors. Those of you involved in fandom (those of you who ship), are there certain scenarios, details, circumstances, tropes, etc. that either make or break a fic for you? Are all your pairings all about the porn, or do certain pairings have certain “rules” for what you will and will not allow in fic?

* “ cloying pet names”: I have to admit, despite saying this, I have a deep, deep soft spot for any time Dean calls Sam “Sammy,” or (especially) “baby boy.” I can’t abide any other pet names, though. Sorry.
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I've finally taken the first steps to getting my Tumblr fandom podcast off the ground.

1.) I've set up feeds from fandom journals and specific fandom newsfeeds on Google so I know what's going on in fandom (in a slightly more organized venue than Tumblr itself).
2.) I've set up a sub-blog on my Tumblr account as a homebase for the podcast.
3.) I've designed and uploaded logos and album art for the podcast on iTunes.
4.) I registered and set-up my podbean account, so I have hosting.
5.) I own a headset mic and two standalone mics, plus I have downloaded, installed, and played with Audacity, so I have the recording capabilities (hubby and I can also both edit using Audacity).

All that's left is gathering those who are interested in participating, and actually recording a show**. This makes me feel somewhat accomplished.

Other projects I'm hoping to get off the ground this week:

1.) Making some more sets of greeting cards and crocheting a thing or two. I plan on opening an Etsy shop, hopefully by the end of the month.
2.) Starting work on my Loki helmet for next year's Anime Boston (I feel like it's going to be a LOT of trial-and-error and a LOT of starting and stopping, so I should probably get cracking now). I'm actually the LEAST concerned about the helmet, because I can do that with modeling clay and paper mache, it's the actually costume itself that is intimidating as fuck. I might have to see if I can purchase pieces of other cosplayers, or else enlist someone's help to read and piece together the pattern. I have the better part of a year (ten months, give or take) to get it done, so I'm not super worried? But I figure if nothing else, I can get the helmet done without too too much of an issue).
3.) I want to draft an outline of both the original fic I want to write and my fanfic. I don't want to WRITE THEM, I don't want to put that kind of pressure on myself when I'm already starting three other long-term projects, but I want to at least commit to getting them done sometime in the near future, and that means saying, "Yes, I'm going to write these, and here are the blueprints for when I'm ready."

I WILL have time to do these things. I WILL. I have three day weekends while I'm working this summer, longer nights (because I can sleep in the mornings, don't have to be up until 8 instead of 6, and YEAH, two hours makes a BIG difference), and I'll have all of August free to work on things. These things WILL get done, I DO have time, I DON'T have to rush them, but I have NO excuse not to at least WORK on them.

** A slight exaggeration; I also want intro/outro music (could probably play around in Garage Band or find royalty free music online; I forget specifically where to find it, but when I was in Marketing with my one-on-one, they were given resources for royalty-free/open source music to use in their radio and TV ads, and while it wasn't QUALITY TUNES, it wasn't awful music, either). I also want to set up a Skype account so that whoever is interested in participating in the podcast at any point in time will be able to do so via Skype. UPDATE: Installed Skype and am currently researching Skype/Audacity, re: how to record a podcast using Skype. Later today I will start onlining the first show, with the intention to start recording it by the 14th. I'd like a co-host, but at this point I'll go solo if I have to, because damn it, I really want to do this.


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