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I got up late (10:30) and took a walk to buy a paper. It's very nearly 50 degrees and sunny out, and even though they were sold out of papers, it was a lovely walk. I put a pot of coffee on before I'd left, and when I came back I filled up my ridiculously huge TARDIS mug and hopped online. I've got a short to-do list today, The Bod of Avon tonight, and the day off tomorrow, and I feel good.

I finally got around to seeing Les Miserables last night, with my mom, Joce, and Melissa. For those of you who don't know, Les Mis is... kind of a big deal to me. And that's kind of a huge understatement. Les Mis is what got me into musical theatre. Les Mis was the first fandom for which I had Real Life fan friends, and Les Mis got my involved in online fandom for real, beyond reading fic -- it got me writing fic, making art, posting on message boards. I met penpals that I kept for years via Les Mis message boards. My cousin, sister, and I recorded (as in, video recorded, on my uncle's camcorder) renditions of the songs, re-enacted scenes, interpretations, long debates of the merits of various cast members (we would set the camera up in the kitchen, sit at the table, and -- over giant mugs of tea -- have these huge meta-debates/discussions over the show. I feel like it was super-late at night, too -- it was definitely after midnight, but at fourteen, that in and of itself felt "super late.") My sister's one and only foray into writing was Les Mis fanfic, and to this day, my longest completed piece of writing is a 35k Les Mis fanfic called "The Skeptic's Account" (still accessible via The WayBack Machine... if you know where to look). My point is, for several year, Les Mis sort of consumed my life, and I cannot see it or hear it now without also seeing and hearing all that tangential ephemera -- without reliving sleepless night and huge mugs of tea; nights spent in the yard sharing a set of headphones with my sister as we listened to "Stars;" endless, ENDLESS rewatching of the 10th Anniversary Concert, analyzing every detail, watching every performers mannerisms, keeping an eye on what they were doing when they were not at the mics (oh my God, I got to know Jérôme Pradon through the TAC as Fish Pants, don't even ask). So, yeah. Kind of a big deal.

Sort of really long movie review-ish thing. )

All in all, I really enjoyed it. and I can't WAIT for the DVD release, so Mel, Joce, and I can analyze every single freakin' detail <3
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If I can't update it with minimal frustration from my Droid, I haven't been updating it (social networking sites, that is).

My life has managed to slip completely out of my control. I'm busy trying to remedy this. Meanwhile, I've been neglecting all but the necessities.

Had a bunch of things I wanted to talk about, but with a lesson plan due for class tomorrow and only a couple of hours before I need to at least TRY to get some sleep, that will not be happening tonight. Anything of particular depth will not be happening here for a while, sadly.

Sooo... I guess if you want details on any of these things, ask and I'll elaborate upon them, but in lieu of that, maybe this weekend I'll have the time/energy for some kind of legitimate update.

In Real Life:

1. We had our oldest cat put down. He was thirteen, and rather rotund, to put it mildly. He had started losing weight, but we attributed it to age and a change in eating habits (which animals, like people, go through), and because he was so heavy, he was still a perfectly respectably and healthy weight by the time anyone noticed and became concerned, and really, we only noticed then because he had stopped eating for several days... it turns out he had a mass in his abdomen and liver failure, so the vet thought it would be the best thing to do. Mum took it hard, and I felt worse than I thought I would, being that I haven't lived with the cat in a year and a half... that's the second time an animal walked out of our house and never walked back in when we had fully expected him to.

2. Andy and I bought a new car -- as in a new new car, a 2012 Nissan Versa. I never in my life owned a new car, and never thought I'd be able to afford one, but this was a good deal, and we (right now) only have to make some adjustments to our monthly spending and we should be fine (there goes my summer off, though. Siiigh).

3. Got massively drunk on St. Patrick's Day at the bars with the girls, and afterwards playing Never Have I Ever with Melissa. I need to keep in mind that while drinking alcohol, carbonated drinks always make me wretch long before alcohol will. Fucking stupid inability-to-belch weird ass anatomy. Spent the next day watching TV in bed and refueling with VitaminWater. some of those flavors are ass-nasty, BTW.

4. Had the meeting I had been dreading for no reason (even by my own admission), and it went splendidly, la-dee-da-dee-da.

5. Saw Les Miserables at the Boston Opera House on Saturday, and it opened a veritable floodgate of emotion and memory. That was my first fandom wherein I had "real life" counterparts in my sister and my cousin, and "obsessed" doesn't even begin to cover it. Between the show itself (the Finale will never, NEVER not make my cry like a fucking baby) and the memories it brought back, I had an amazing time. The settings and staging has been revamped, and it was beautiful -- "Javert's Suicide," how do you even...?!? ASDFGHJKL...!

6. Brought up summer clothes during the unseasonable warm streak, and they are no sitting (washed and folded) in the living room, waiting for me to get the motivation to clear out the winter clothes (which I now suddenly need again - fuck you, New England weather). Tried on all my summer clothes when I brought them up and had to get rid of almost all of the pants, skirts, and shorts -- witht he exception of two pairs, which were too-small hand-me-downs my grandfather gave my years ago. So, one of the local thrift stores will be getting several industrial garbage bag-sized donations of size 20 shorts soon.

7. Signed up for the Walk for Hunger. I'll probably make a separate post over the weekend with the donation link, in case anyone is feeling generous.


1. Made a conscious decision to step away from the Sherlock fandom temporarily because of excess amounts of the crazy, and because I know we are in for another long haul (another 18 months, or thereabouts), and I figure if I pull myself away now, and throw myself back in, say, when I'm indoctrinating my sister showing it to my sister, then stepping away from it until Series Two shows up on PBS, etc. I'm less likely to burn out on it entirely (especially when the fandom -- awesome though it can be -- is also so fucking exhausting). I WILL still be going to the meet-ups, though, because those are awesome funtimes and I will NEVER pass up an opportunity to meet fans IRL.

2. Everyone has seen Legend of Korra but me :( I want to set aside some time to watch the leaked episodes, especially because THE ANIMATION, OMG ♥ ♥ ♥, but I'm also currently rewatching The Last Airbender, and making the mental adjustment to the idea that, basically, all the character I love from the original series are now dead is hard to do... while I'm right in the midst of the original series. So I'll probably wait until we've finsihed the rewatch. (ETA: I'm hearing that KorraNation has removed the leaked episodes. DAMMIT! BUT... I'm also seeing Tweets from Dante Basco, who is in the recording studio working on Korra, so... OMG ZUKO????)

3. Speaking of stepping away from fandoms, in the absence of Sherlock, I have been reacquainting myself with Avatar (as noted above), and early seasons of Psych, and have discovered an unhealthy adoration for Zukka fic (Sokka and Zuko are probably my favorite characters, and Zuko is so adorkably awkward, how can you not love it), and Daddy!kink Shawn/Lassiter stories, of which there are, like, three in existence, WTF?

Life goes on, the world keeps turning, and at some point, I will make this LJ a priority in my life again, because dammit, I honest-to-God miss it.


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