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I got up late (10:30) and took a walk to buy a paper. It's very nearly 50 degrees and sunny out, and even though they were sold out of papers, it was a lovely walk. I put a pot of coffee on before I'd left, and when I came back I filled up my ridiculously huge TARDIS mug and hopped online. I've got a short to-do list today, The Bod of Avon tonight, and the day off tomorrow, and I feel good.

I finally got around to seeing Les Miserables last night, with my mom, Joce, and Melissa. For those of you who don't know, Les Mis is... kind of a big deal to me. And that's kind of a huge understatement. Les Mis is what got me into musical theatre. Les Mis was the first fandom for which I had Real Life fan friends, and Les Mis got my involved in online fandom for real, beyond reading fic -- it got me writing fic, making art, posting on message boards. I met penpals that I kept for years via Les Mis message boards. My cousin, sister, and I recorded (as in, video recorded, on my uncle's camcorder) renditions of the songs, re-enacted scenes, interpretations, long debates of the merits of various cast members (we would set the camera up in the kitchen, sit at the table, and -- over giant mugs of tea -- have these huge meta-debates/discussions over the show. I feel like it was super-late at night, too -- it was definitely after midnight, but at fourteen, that in and of itself felt "super late.") My sister's one and only foray into writing was Les Mis fanfic, and to this day, my longest completed piece of writing is a 35k Les Mis fanfic called "The Skeptic's Account" (still accessible via The WayBack Machine... if you know where to look). My point is, for several year, Les Mis sort of consumed my life, and I cannot see it or hear it now without also seeing and hearing all that tangential ephemera -- without reliving sleepless night and huge mugs of tea; nights spent in the yard sharing a set of headphones with my sister as we listened to "Stars;" endless, ENDLESS rewatching of the 10th Anniversary Concert, analyzing every detail, watching every performers mannerisms, keeping an eye on what they were doing when they were not at the mics (oh my God, I got to know Jérôme Pradon through the TAC as Fish Pants, don't even ask). So, yeah. Kind of a big deal.

Sort of really long movie review-ish thing. )

All in all, I really enjoyed it. and I can't WAIT for the DVD release, so Mel, Joce, and I can analyze every single freakin' detail <3
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Had a lovely, lovely time yesterday at my sister's. My folks, Amanda, and Mel came by for most of the day as well and stayed for dinner, and after they had left, around 7:30 we picked up Ma (the woman who does my sister's nails, booked their Cancun trip, and will be officiating their wedding) and went to Strange Brews. Strange Brew has, since the last time we were there, set up an outdoor seating area, and because it was ridiculously gorgeous for October, we sat outside, sipping rum and Cokes and splitting some appetizers. A couple that Steve and ma knew joined us for part of the evening, and overall it was really enjoyable. For sixty-five, Ma is probably one of the most youthful people I know, and an absolute riot. Listening to Ma talk about the things she does (which, if it wasn't clear, is basically a little bit of everything) makes me wonder if I'm simply being timid in not pursuing the moteley assortment of interests I have as legitimate career choices, or if, at least in that aspect of her life, she has simply been extraordinarily, extraordinarily lucky.

I do wish Mel and Amanda could have joined us, but hopefully next time. If need be, I wouldn't mind going back for part of a quiet Halloween weekend on the 30th - I've got forty-two sick days saved, and I think I could see my way to sparing one for the following morning. Sigh. I'm actually not feeling particularly well tonight, but since I'm never on the ball in writing up sub-plans, I feel like (unless it was a legit emergency) I kind of have to make it in tomorrow. If I feel truly,. truly awful in the morning, I will call John personally and tell him, but barring that, back to the grind in the morning.

Back to watching yet more classic Simpsons episodes and trying not to think about work.


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