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Hate to hit and run, but:

I'm participating in E4K -- Endure4Kindess. I have pledged to spend 24 hours crocheting scarves (this is my endurance act!) and am looking for people to pledge to me, much as you would pledge to someone doing a charity run or walk. The E4K runs November 17th and 18th, but donations will accepted until November 30th.

Again, I know this is a financially tight time of year for a lot of us (myself included) so I'm not going to hound you (this'll be the first and last you hear from me on this!), but if you can pledge, it will be greatly appreciated. The scarves I complete will later be donated to a charity or shelter.
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I'm bombarding social media sites with this today (next up: Tumblr!)

My brother and I are doing The Walk for Hunger in Boston on May 6th, and we're looking for sponsors.  It's a 20 mile walk, and you can pledge as little or as much as you'd like (seriously, even $5 would help a lot).  It CAN be a by-the-mile kind of thing, or you can pledge a flat rate (again, even $5 flat helps, no matter how philanthropic we wish we were, money concerns are real, I know).

If you can help, thank you in advance!

My own Walk for Hunger Donation Page

Our Team Page - Team Moxie!


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