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Name:we understand the lights.
Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America

I'm 30, but you wouldn't know it. I'm not, like, tooting my own horn and being like, "Yeah, I look good, mhmm," just, I teach at a a high school, and every year, some first year teacher or sub stops me in the hall and demands to see my hall pass, so... also, I feel like a lot of my hobbies and interest get me branded as younger than I am, but I'm cool with that. I make no excuses for what I like or what makes me happy.

I've spen most of my life as a tightly coiled, semi-reclusive ball of anxiety, and it's exhausting, but I'm trying, little by little, to unwrap those coils, step into the sunlight, and chill the fuck out. I have social anxiety but I do genuinely enjoy people, just with some caveats (don't spring things on me last minute and don't call "just to chat." I'll text until the cows come home, and would LOVE to meet up and chat, but yeah, me and phones... we ain't tight). I'm into trying new things -- this year it's running (just finished my second big street race), yoga, and clay modeling; last year it was burlesque and t-shirt design.

I fangirl like it's my motherfucking job, yo. I've been involved in online fandom for 17 years, and cannot imagine my life without it. It is as real and essential part of my life as any of my other hobbies. I read slash almost exclusively -- that's just my preference. It doesn't mean I hate the female characters, it doesn't mean I hate the canon ships... it's just my preference (i.e., LOVE Shawn/Jules in canon; don't read it (read Shassie with the occassional Shus). ADORE Amy/Rory (think they're one of the most kick-ass couples ever) -- don't read it (occassional Doctor/Master, sometimes Amy/Rory/Doctor). Literally CHEERED when Ron/Hermione finally got together -- nope, don't read it (Harry/Voldemort, Remus/Sirius, Snarry, on occassion)).

I update sporadically, but am trying to be better about it.

I can be found on other sites, by other names, all over the internet. Ask if you'd like to know.
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