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There is basically no way you guys can fathom how badly my house needs cleaning. Like, going-on-three-weeks-behind on the laundry (luckily two of those weeks are clean laundry just waiting to be folded and hung), dirty dishes on the counters, pieces of the carpet THATTHE FUCKING CAT RIPPED UP all over the floor, cabinets in utter disarray, basically can't see the floor in my craft room... it's just a wreck, guys, seriously. And I haven't been to the gym in two weeks and all I've been eating is junk food and takeout, and I'm two days late for my period, and essentially I feel like utter shit. Not physically (though I'm crazy tired from hormonally-induced crying until 1am), but just mentally exhausted -- without even having started, I just feel so, so finished. Like, fuck this. Seriously, all I want to do is eat quesadillas and surf Pinterest (and, oh my God, who the fuck invented Pinterest? Do they have a personally vested interest in ensuring I never get the fuck off the internet? Because between Tumblr and Pinterest, I'm developi9ng carpal tunnel from clicking "repin/Reblog" all fucking day. I've bookmarked a shit ton of like, thirft store crafts and repurposing ideas, but I can't pull myself off Pinterest long enough to do them).

But I CAN'T just be like, "fuck it," because my sister gets married in eleven days, and all the prep work -- including the prep photos -- are being taken here. I have my sister and the maid of honor staying the night on the 19th, and the following morning, both the stylist and the photographer are coming by, so the house has to be clean AND I have to make breakfast for six. Luckily, the photographer is a friend we've known since she was, like, ten years old, and the stylist is my cousin Brian, but a.) it's still the first time either of them have been to my apartment and I want to have them think I'm a semi-functional adult who doesn't languish in her own filth, and b.) I don't want the backdrop of my sister's wedding prep photos to be a dirty house, because that would suck. So tonight I have to talk myself into getting my fuckig ass in gear and making some headway. Andy is home tomorrow, so more might get done with the two of us, but I'm flying solo for now.

Part of it is because weekend stuff just won't let up. Wrathskellar on Saturday was stellar, as I've come to expect from the Babydolls -- I've got some "behind-the-scenes" vids under the cut if anyone is interested -- and while not scary, it was definitely darker and more macabre than what they usually do, though even then, much of the "darkness" came in the form of black humor, and was sort of morbidly fun (Scratch's deadpan deliviery on the between vignette monologues was perfection). Everyone was wonderful, though I think my favorite performer was Brigitte Bisoux as "The Broad;" her performance of "Our Lady of the Underground" was wonderful, and of course I really liked Evie (my burlesque instructor), who was playing the role of The Martinet -- basically, a burlesque teacher who is the polar opposite of who she actually is in the studio ;) Devora Darling was supposed to play The Lost Girl, but I got word about a month or so ago that she had been pretty seriously injured, and they had to use an emergency replacement (as in, put out word for a casting call and freshly cast someone) and Coraline, who took her place, was great. The marionette piece (which is sampled in The Lost Girl video below) was one of my favorite vignettes and really eerie. As an aside, the Davis Square theatre is this super tiny basement theatre that seems just... oddly suited to burlesque.

I was all like, "YEAH! Gonna clean on SUNDAY!" but earlier in the week, Joce had texted asking if I was free Sunday, and upon having been told yes, in fact, I technically was... she promptly fell silent, no call, no text. nothing. Sunday morning (um, late morning) my brother texted and asked what was up and I said I didn't know; so he offered to meet me for coffee and come back to my house and help me get some stuff done. So we got coffee, got back to the house, and a little while later when he diecided he was hungry, I made apple muffins from scratch (super easy -- pretty good. Very delicate flavor). While the muffins were in the oven, Joce called and asked if I was free to stay the night, Brian was coming over to talk hair and do a test run on she and I, so... yeah. She got to my house, she helped me with laundry for a bit, we went to hers, ordered pizza, Brian came, and most of the night was spent like that. I didn't get home until after a late breakfast yesterday (around 1), and then Andy and I had to go shopping and I had a horrible, horrible case of car sickness after the drive from Derry.

On the plus side, ARRRRGHH, love the hairstyles we settled on. I don't know how Brian does it. First of all, I'm already blown away just because he curled my hair with a flatiron, whatwhat. My hair was smooth and glossy, and I didn't wash it yesterday because I wanted at least one extra day with it actually looking good. Mel couldn't be there, so it was hilarious and embarrassing watching Joce and I struggle to explain to Brian how long her hair was -- because only see her all the friggin' time -- well, me more so than Joce, to be fair -- so Brian decided (since i have WAY longer hair then Mel, and it would be impossible for him to give her the same style) to just give her a style based-off of mine, which is essentially a French/Belgian braid across the crown of my head that becomes an updo (wow, I SUCK at describing hairstyles), where she will have the same braid base, but it will trail off as curls instead of being all done up. It's a happy trade-off, I think, that we'll coordinate since we can't truly match. The two of us still need to get shoes, by the by. Hopefully Saturday. Piling a LOT of shit on Saturday's schedule at the moment. Sunday night be easier, come to that. Regardless, it basically has to be this coming weekend, since the wedding is the following weekend.

Is it weird that I'm as excited as I am for Joce's wedding? I just friggin' love ceremonies and things so much, and this is the first time since my own wedding I get to be in one, and this time, I don't have to be the one freaking out internally because I'm involved, but not in the spotlight, ha! Plus, ugh, it's going to be gorgeous. I didn't picspam my own wedding (I was just so friggin' wedding-ed out at that point, and Lance, nice as the pics were, had them come in to us an a goddamn molasses trickle), but expect pics from hers.

I can sense your excitement at the prospect.


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